The Brave Tribe​ is an in-production 2017 ROBLOX film directed and produced by DragonDipperBlossom. This will be the very first film to be released by Dipper Fresh Entertainment.


In the year 1990, a workaholic middle-aged business man named Lars Kaufmann, gets involved in a boating accident due to severe storms surrounding the ocean, he later gets washed up on shore in a unidentified island in which he has suffered from amnesia and not knowing who he is nor where he is. Then curiosity for Kaufmann gets in to question, after wandering around the island only to discover that a native tribe is inhabited to 1,000 people.


On September 18, 2016, Dipper Fresh Entertainment announced via Twitter that they would be developing their very first film as part of their expansion to the Robloxian film industry, and that movie was revealed to be "The Brave Tribe" in which in that same day, the first official poster was teased via Twitter displaying a native language which translates to "One man saves a tribe from danger."

Then on October 14, 2016, a second poster was revealed, displaying the main actor for Lars Kauffman, buddbudd222 being shirtless and looking upwards in an ambient and rocky environment.