Sunset & Blue is a Robloxian talk-show that hosted by Overwxtched (formerly known as DragonDipperBlossom), and PxcifyMiku (formerly known as iiMikuQueen).This was the first talk-show to be mainly produced by Dipper Fresh Entertainment and was the first talk-show series on FreshForce.

The show officially premiered on October 1, 2016, exclusively to FreshForce, while Dipper Fresh Network would have premiered the show on the air in January 2017, but due to Dragon's departure from Roblox in the same month, there were no further updates regarding the future of the show until he returned on March 26, 2017, in which he announced new episodes shortly afterward.

The show finally returned with a new episode on February 28, 2018, on Moongazer Productions' YouTube channel, while it later aired on March 3, 2018, on Hexahedron Network. It will also be syndicated on Buddbudd Studios' BBS Channel and BBMN under Hexahedron's syndication distributor, Owl's Hoot Media.