Pure Red Love: No White or Blue is a lost 2014 ROBLOX music video directed by CosimoValuta. It is based off of the 1989 Alice Cooper song "Poison"


A pro-American politican is seduced by the sights of a female Communist protestor. As he starts a relationship with her, he fantasizes her beauty, but deep down questions whether he can balance his allegience with America with the relationship with her and her Communist agenda.


In early 2014, CosimoValuta wanted to work on producing a ROBLOX music video in order to break into the genre and test his filmmaking capabilities. After selecting the Alice Cooper song "Poison", filming began and completed on January 26, 2014.

The music video was released on January 27. The film was lost shortly afterwards when CosimoValuta removed the video from his channel.


Actor Role
CosimoValuta Alice, Cooper

There were other extras in the short who have not received credit.


  • After the short film was released, CosimoValuta felt it was not a quality music video and deleted it from his YouTube channel.