O Tannenbaum​ was a 2018 ROBLOX short film written and directed by DonValuta and produced by Ultrazz. RyanA17 served as an executive producer on the film.


The secular mayor of a town in West Virginia is visited by the spirits of Christmas after announcing his intentions to cease official recognition of the holiday.


In 2012, CosimoValuta was interested in developing a Christmas short centered around Santa Claus managing with the Christmas season in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. Initially revealing the project during a press release of scheduled TMF video projects for the year, the video never went into production and the idea eventually was discarded. In December 2014, CosimoValuta was re-developing another concept for a Christmas short film.  The project stalled in pre-production and was never developed afterwards.

On December 22, 2013, RyanA17 approached CosimoValuta with the idea to create a Christmas short revolving around Nelson Mandella celebrating Christmas in South Africa, or alternatively a biopic of Nelson Mandella's entire life, entitled The Life of Mandella. On December 13, 2015, CosimoValuta responded to the idea, raising concerns about the feasibility of the project and how adaptable making a Mandella film would be in the Roblox engine. The proposal was never developed afterwards. On March 20, 2015, Ultrazz unveiled plans to develop a ROBLOX adaptation of A Christmas Carol, inspired by the story of the same name. This project never developed afterwards beyond the initial conception.

On December 1, 2017, DonValuta raised interest in creating a Christmas short for the holiday season. Inspired by the 2017 Alabama Senate Special Election, and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill Act, on December 6, DonValuta approached Jacob2934 to begin a collaboration effort on developing the story for the film. Quickly afterwards, Jacob2934 and DonValuta diverged on their preference for the plot to the film. Initially, Jacob2934 refused to write the script based on DonValuta's story preferring to develop his own ideas, and then at completion, convince DonValuta through the strength of the screenplay to develop his version instead, however he later conceded to DonValuta the right of the final edit on the script.

On December 15, Jacob2934 completed the screenplay, but DonValuta felt the story was so drastically different and longer than the standard time of a short video, that he opted to not edit the script and instead rejected the screenplay. On December 20, DonValuta fired Jacob2934 from the Christmas project and from The Mafia Films over the situation. On December 28, DonValuta announced the Christmas short was rescheduled for a release date of January 7, 2018 to coincide with the Russian Orthodox celebration of Christmas. The script was completed on December 29, and the title card for the short film was revealed at the TMF Panel on Day 2 of JTVCon Winter 2017.

On January 2, 2017, ZZR Studios signed on to co-produce the short film with The Mafia Films, merging both respective Christmas projects together. Principal photography began on January 4 and was halted on January 5. The film was delayed indefinitely after DonValuta entered a hiatus on January 6, before being shutdown later the same day.


Actor Role
TBA Nicholas Frantz
TBA Belsnickle
TBA Krampus
TBA Zwarte Piet
TBA Knecht Ruprecht
TBA Saint Nicholas
TBA Mr. Bingle
Actor Role
TBA Eve Johnson
TBA Robert Thompson
TBA Sarah Peterson
TBA Tommy Jackson


  • Inspired by the Academy Award-Winning animated short film adaptation of A Christmas Carol.
  • RyanA17 was given an executive producer credit for his contributions to the development of a TMF Christmas video.
  • Privately, CosimoValuta vehemently disliked Nelson Mandella's championing as a world figure of peace, and believing he was a war criminal at best, and was therefore not inspired to make a Christmas short or any other content around his life.
  • Jacob2934 was prefering a redemption story about an Antifa member who hates Christmas due to the capitalist consumerism associated with the holiday coming back to embrace the holiday after a personal transformation.
  • DonValuta, on the other hand, wanted to directly confront the increasing secularization, cultural and religious war on Christmas though an Islamic terrorist attack on a small town celebrating the holiday, and having a figure inspired by former Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore fight to take back the town from ISIS sleeper cell terrorists.
  • CosimoValuta's initial Christmas short film plot focused around a man whose wife is killed in a hit-and-run on Christmas Day. Angry at the entire Holiday season, he decides to start a literal war on Christmas by terrorizing a neighborhood family and holding them hostage on Christmas Eve.




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