JohnCena2305alt1 (formerly JohnCena2305) is a Filipino ROBLOX filmmaker, writer, and actor. He has collaborated with DonValuta, acting in his films Est Propheticia and Criminal as Dr. Stephen Harris and an extra, respectively. He is set to make his directorial and writing debut in the 2020 superhero film Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.


Back when he was 7 in 2010, JohnCena2305alt1 discovered ROBLOX via a YouTube video and an advertisement, and quickly joined the community as a guest, and later making his own account in April 2011. He had discovered ROBLOXiwood in 2012, where he attempted to make numerous, outlandish films, such as a reboot of The Revenger and a crossover between the Halloween franchise and Spider-Man. His ideas often saw criticism from most of the community, he tried to make the crossover film in 2013, but stopped in 2014, where he revisioned it into a Spider-Man solo film. It was at this point he met Twelvetothirteen, and he immediately joined Dreen Four Productions, a company in the ROBLOXiwood industry, where he helped them with their projects, and began to conceive the idea of Murder.

The production of the film in it's early stages were going well, casting TEDOG1232 and RoseTitanium254 in the lead roles, but suddenly, due to creative and writer's block, he cancelled all of his planned productions immediately. His conditions continued to affect him until early 2017, where he began to work on Murder again, this time on it's pre-production stages, where he is writing the film with Jacob2934, based on his draft and Don's old draft of the film.

Due to production issues, Murder was halted until Winter 2022, whereas Spider-Man: Web of Shadows will substitute as his filmmaking debut.

Acting Filmography

Name Poster Year Director Role Type Status
Est Propheticia October 29, 2017 DonValuta Dr. Stephen Harris Short Released
Criminal December 31, 2014 DonValuta Extras Film Released

Directing Filmography

Name Poster Year Director Type Status
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Fall 2020 JohnCena2305alt1 Film Pre-production
Murder Winter 2022 JohnCena2305alt1 Film Halted
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Summer 2024 JohnCena2305alt1 Film In development
Untitled Power Rangers Film Summer 2025 JohnCena2305alt1 Film In development
Untitled ROBLOX Game Film Spring 2027 JohnCena2305alt1 Film In development
Untitled Horror Film Fall 2028 JohnCena2305alt1 Film In development
Afterlife Summer 2029 JohnCena2305alt1 Short In development
Exodus Part 1 Spring 2030 JohnCena2305alt1 Short In development
Exodus Part 2 Spring 2030 JohnCena2305alt1 Short In development
Spider-Man: Heart of Darkness Winter 2030 JohnCena2305alt1 Film In development
Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet Fall 2035 JohnCena2305alt1 Film In development

Writing Filmography