Dipper Fresh Mighty, Inc. is a American Robloxian media company that was founded on October 2, 2016 as part of a merger with FRSH Inc. and Mighty Networks.


Mighty Networks' acquisition by Dipper Fresh

In August 2016, Dipper Fresh & Associates (now FRSH Inc.) made the intention to acquire Mighty Networks for an undisclosed amount.

DF&A's owner, DragonDipperBlossom stated that the acquisition offer was the result of Mighty Networks' struggling ratings and lack of support from other Robloxian broadcasting companies, he also stated that the offer was to make Dipper Fresh's workforce more productive and have more stability for its several subsidiaries.

The acquisition process was later completed in September 30, 2016.

Merger and new strategies

Shortly afterwards, two days after the acquisition of Mighty Networks was completed, it was announced that the two companies would create a new corporate entity that will be holding the two companies in which was revealed to be Dipper Fresh Mighty. This made DragonDipperBlossom becoming the Chairman of the company, while MightyPGK became the President and CEO of the company.

On October 4, 2016, Mighty Networks later received a major overhaul, with having a brand new logo and look in favor to look more minimalist and more modern. The new logo and branding was created by Dipper Fresh Entertainment's creative division, Dipper Fresh Design Agency.

On October 7, 2016, it was announced that Dipper Fresh Network will be rebranded as FRSH in the beginning of 2017. In which there will be a major reduction in real-life programming from 85% to 20% in favor to focus more on producing original content to better reflect this rebranding. It was also reported that this rebrand will also have a brand new slogan that is currently under the initials T.I.N.S. which was revealed to be There Is No Slogan. And as a result of the announcement, DF&A's corporate name was later changed to FRSH Inc. to better reflect the Dipper Fresh brand.