RFTW June 2018 Elections

Good Morning,

The June Elections are upon us. This election will be very different from previous general elections this wikia has had. There are now only three administrator positions one can run for, and the powers of the bureaucrat have expanded greatly since the office was formalized. Positions were consolidated and the wikia has undergone transformations since its inception. This will be the final departure of yours truly and Buddbudd222with many other of our current administrators like TheMagRBLX and JohnCena2305alt1 not running for office again.

Polls will be open today and tomorrow, with winners announced tomorrow night.

This election has the following candidates:
-Bureaucrat: WeepinnWillow
-Administrator: Ultimate_Juice

Vote Here: http://www.survey-maker.com/QM6OMP1
Results Here: http://www.survey-maker.com/Account-Quiz-Results?qp=246531x2A652a7B-4