Wiki Crisis Color-Coded System (WCCS)

PASSED 4-17-18

If the wiki is under crisis, An admin will add a colored rectangle onto the top of the home page. The rectangle will have information on the crisis. A new forum or blog post concerning the crisis will explain what to do. If passed, it is the role of any admin to add a colored box if under a crisis.

Green = No Crisis
Yellow = Small Crisis
Blue = Major Crisis
Red = Mass Crisis

AMENDMENT 1: In order to make rapid-response faster, majority vote will now be decided between any 3 admins. This means getting any 2 admins to approve something will count as majority vote. This will reflect the changes we made to reducing the administrative positions from 5 to 3.

*DonValuta - Yay
*Buddbudd222 - Yay
*MightysRockinStyle - Yay
*Johncena2305alt1 - Not Present
*TheMagRBLX - Not Present