User Rights on Article History

PASSED ON 12-3-17: Interim Government Authority

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It has come to the attention of the administration that there is room to expand the rights of users on the RFTW wiki. Specifically, with regards to the rights of users to have their content removed from the wikia.

Under our current rules and conditions, there is nothing in our current policies detailing what we should do in the event a RFTW user requests their articles and content be removed from the wikia. In fact, one could argue our current rules prohibit removing an article.

What The Rules Say
RIGHT TO EDIT: No user's page is the property of the user, it is the property of the community. All administrators have the right to edit articles at their will, as do the users.

The way this right is written was to prevent a wikia user from making their page and preventing other wikia users from editing it. This frequently occurred on previous wikia communities where members felt entitled to only edit their pages, in an attempt to stop it from being "messed up" by other people.
The issue here is this: The rule makes it so any wikia page is property of the community. Therefore, under the rules as written, a user can't have their content removed because in essence it is no longer is their content, but the community's content.

Now there is an option for deleting pages called author request, and in those situations it has most often been used by administrators who are making housekeeping corrections.

There is also a rule against Stealing Content, but this specifically applies to claiming another ROBLOX video as your own.

What Will Be Changing
Because the rules are vague and no current policy exists for this issue, the interim administration will be changing the texts. This means the following:
The RIGHT TO EDIT will be rewritten to say: All RFTW users have the right to edit any and all unprotected articles at their will.

The SPAM/VANDALISM Rule will be rewritten to say: Vandalizing is defined as any edits on RFTW with the intent to create purposefully inaccurate, libelous information to any page on the wikia.

The STEALING CONTENT Rule will be rewritten to say: This rule prevents RFTW users from re-releasing another RFTW ROBLOX user's media content and claiming that content as their own. The offense related to this is Stealing Content.

ADMINISTRATION GUIDELINES will include a guideline that administration must have a majority vote of all administrators in order to approve wikia polices not specified under individual responsibilities.

There will also be a new rule:
The RIGHT TO REQUEST REMOVAL: All RFTW Users have the right to, at any reasonable time, request their own copyrighted works be removed from the RFTW wikia. This covers primarily video and image media, but can also include at administrator's discretion, include a right to expunge all references to the content which may be present on other wikia pages.

These changes will be enacted immediately, as is under the authority of the interim administration bureaucracy as a part of the transition to normalcy. The interim administration's transfer of power in elections this December will constitute approval and finalization of all rules of order.

DonValuta: Approval