RFTW December 2017 Elections

POSTED ON 12-31-17

Good Day Everyone,

I apologize as the Bureaucrat for not successfully beginning the elections for the wikia administration yesterday. Due to a shortage of candidates running for office, I made an executive decision to delay the election one day to today to secure more people to run. Unfortunately not enough people decided to run in the election this cycle. I want this wiki to have members of the community lead and represent the people who edit here and who will be connected with events and projects throughout the industry. I will not delay the elections, cancel them, or do anything that would violate the spirit and sovereignty of this community.
We will have the elections today.

The link to the voting site is below. Currently there was nobody willing to run for Discussions Moderator or Rollback. Due to this situation, the interim administration has passed a rule allowing the newly elected bureaucrat to make temporary appointments to those offices. These new members will not have the right to vote, however, until they win a special election to hold the vacant seat.

The election will last the entire rest of the day. Tomorrow morning, the interim administration will certify the election results and the new administration will be elected to office. This will be the second official RFTW wiki election since our intial one a year ago. I am very proud to have helped guide the wiki to stability and on behalf of the entire interim administration, we all say thank you for helping to support the community that was built and designed and governed for all of you. See you tomorrow!

Vote Here!:https://goo.gl/wMWF34
Results of the Election: https://www.survey-maker.com/Account-Quiz-Results?qp=218289x36146537-4