RFTW Reform Decision

PASSED ON 4-6-18

This decision if passed will reform major areas of the RFTW administration. The bill will rename the RFTW wiki domain from "robloxfilm.wikia.com" to "robloxfilmtv.wikia.com"

The bill will change all previous forms of legislation into "wikia decisions", including this one. Releasing administrator decisions will be changed from blog posts to forum posts. Blog posts will only be used for announcing elections, election results, and suspension of the rules of order in the capacity of the wiki administration.

The RFTA will be changed from a wiki agency and political action committee to a community management and consulting committee. Special Elections now take place the next weekend from the date of an office vacancy.

Assigns the RFTA to look into the elimination of wiki administration officials from 5 down to 3, with the provision that large wiki community growth will trigger a re-evaluation of the need for more administration officials. This bill changes the provision for Suspending the Rules of Order from all 5 administration officials to majority vote of voting and non-voting officials.

Adding amendments to legislation will no longer be majority vote, but by the administrator proposing them. This bill will repeal the need to clarify exact text changes of RFTW pages by decisions. Language additions to the role of the Appointed Administrators will clarify that Appointed Administrators can't vote in RFTA discussions either. "Legislation History" will be renamed "History" and a new section detailed to the founding of the RFTW community will be added.

DISCORD CHANGES: Political Discussions will be removed. RFTW Administration renamed Wikia Voting. Removing Server Updates. Deleting Wikia Discussions. Entertainment and Offtopic Merged Together, renamed Entertainment Media. Text Channel Separations eliminated.

IF approved, the decision will be enacted immediately by the Bureaucrat (me).

DonValuta: Yay
Buddbudd222: Yay
JohnCena2305alt1: Yay
MightysRockinStyle: Late Vote - Yay