The RFTA Twitter Act

PASSED ON 3-19-18

Good Evening RFTW Community

Today The RFTW Administration has passed The RFTA Twitter Act. This legislation will provide immediate checks and balances upon the role of the RFTA and making sure the organization smoothly interacts with pre-existing rules and regulations already put in place. This legislation empowers our Discussion Moderator to create an official Twitter Account for our wikia as well under the RFTA name.

UPDATE: Follow us on Twitter!

"The RFTA Twitter act will authorize the Discussions Moderator of the RFTW Wiki to create an official Twitter account for the Robloxian Film & Television Association. The E-Mail address registered to the Twitter account will be under the Discussion Moderator's name and will always be under the email of whoever the Discussions Moderator is for any administration. The Password will be shared amongst all RFTW Administration members privately through Discord Personal Messaging. Any member of the RFTA can post under the name of the Twitter account. The Twitter Account will be responsible for disseminating information and action that the RFTA is about to take. "

AMENDMENT 1: The password for the Twitter Account will change every election cycle.

AMENDMENT 2: A Legislation History page will be created on the wikia. All legislation passed by the Administration must be broadcast in a blog post for the community to see and properly cataloged. All legislation will be pinned in Discord.

AMENDMENT 3: RFTA decisions are appealable to the Community Audit like normal administration decisions are.

AMENDMENT 4: Deleting Community Audit posts or abusing the Twitter platform such as through deleting posts without authorization by the Chairman are punishable as a part of admin abuse.

AMENDMENT 5: Abstain Votes will count as a reduction of the eligible amount of voting participants in the administration.

Voting was 3-0-1-1
DonValuta voted Yay
Buddbudd222 voted Yay
MightyPGK voted Yay
Overwxtched voted Abstain
JohnCena2305alt1 voted Not Present